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Ellen Cotter (she/her)

National Councilor, Membership, Education & Outreach

Ellen is a married polyamorous Heathen who currently lives in Ottawa with her husband and two teenage kids. A Navy spouse, she has lived in various places across Canada, including Toronto, Halifax, St. Thomas, Victoria, and Ottawa.  


She has identified as a Pagan or Heathen for most of her adult life and has been an enthusiastic participant in the Raven’s Knoll’s community since 2018. Ellen studied medieval and early modern history at the University of Toronto, where she was president of their Pagan Student Association, and later went on to study museum studies at Algonquin College. 


Ellen currently works as a technical editor in the telecom industry and identifies as a person with a disability. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys spending time with her husband and her partner, as well as doing textile arts, including knitting, embroidery, spinning, and weaving.


"Ellen currently works as a technical editor in the telecom industry..."


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