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Erik Lacharity (he/him)

National Representative and National Council Chair

Erik lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wonderful wife Chantal and two daughters who are all active members of their Heathen community. Erik has been a heathen since 2007 and became a founding member of Rúnatýr Kindred one year later.

In 2010 he became a co-organizer of the Hail and Horn Gathering, which takes place annually at Raven’s Knoll (in Ontario). He is an avid researcher of Frankish history and in 2015 began the process of publicly reconstructing a Frankish Heathen tradition (Thia Frankisk Aldsido), publishing articles on the subject. He was the primary author on the Heathenry in Canada Wikipedia page and has been interviewed for a number of research papers on the subject of modern Heathenry.

Erik also researches French Canadian folk traditions as well as circumpolar bear beliefs. He works in the field of operational security in the federal government as a senior analyst as well as a past public liaison security officer engaging with event organizers at Parliament Hill. Since becoming a Heathen, he has made it a priority to build strong Heathen communities, forming bonds of frith throughout modern Heathendom.


"He has made it a priority to build strong Heathen communities."


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