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Why Germanic Heathenry?

Modern Germanic Heathen is defined for the purposes of the HCC as "anyone participating in and identifying with religious behaviours, values and beliefs which are modeled upon and associated with those of ancient Germanic Heathens and that these same behaviours, values and beliefs form their primary religious identity."


Germanic, in this context, refers to a linguistic group. Germanic languages are a daughter branch of the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language family. Germanic languages today include (but are not limited to): Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, German, Dutch and English. Germanic also refers to archeological periods and cultures associated with the Germanic linguist group.

Why do we define Heathenry this way?
The HCC is required to establish membership criteria for the purpose of incorporation. As a not-for-profit corporation which is established for representing a religious community in Canada, the religious community must be defined.

​Defining Heathenry within the HCC does not diminish or take away from anyone’s identity. Every person living in Canada is free to identify as a Heathen. If someone identifies as a Heathen and supports the purpose of the HCC, it is hoped that they would apply for membership and be counted in our numbers.

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